Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mac-Man Arcade: 5. Mac-Man / Machinko (Marquee Artwork)

Marquee Artwork

This is the part that you can incorporate some of your creativity. Shane and I came up with the overall concept and Shane helped to put the concept into the artwork. It was done to scale professionally using Adobe Illustrator.


We wanted to put Mac in there somewhere and we did, I think it looked great. I found online and they seemed to be able to print it cheaply. We chose the backlit-glossy finished. It ends up the shipping is more expensive than the actual artwork! For the size of it, 18"w 11"h, we made 2 different Marquee artworks. One of it called "Mac-Man" originated from the classic "Pac-Man" and the other one has a bit more Japanese Pachinko influence called "Machinko". The Top Gun inspired concept didn't make the cut.

Finished Artwork ready for printing:

I used 2 pieces of custom cut perspex to sandwich the printed artwork so that I can interchange them easily without any glue. I used an L shape bracket to hold them together, painted it black and it looked great. Ends up, don't really need 2 Perspex. 1 is good enough to hold it as the printing was able to hold up by itself.

We printed it ourself just to see how it looks on the arcade machine.